Supportive care for people who need it


COVID Prepardness

During the Covid Pandemic and during a local outbreak you may need to consider alternative arrangements if your services or routine is distrupted

Tips for Dementia Friendly Christmas

It’s hard to imagine but Christmas is just around the corner and celebrating Christmas with family and friends can be one of life’s greatest joys. For a person living with dementia and their carer, it can be an overwhelming experience – sometimes resulting in tension and pressure for family and friends. But you don’t need to do it alone help is available.

Pet Ownership

If you are considering getting a pet for yourself or for an elderly loved one, it is valuable to consider both the work and effort involved and the benefits.

Nutrition as we age

Our relationship with food is complicated at best, but it is one that is key to understanding both our emotions and mental states as well as providing fuel and the nutrients we need to restore or maintain our body. However sometimes understanding what good nutrition can do for us and how to get assistance can make this relationship easier.

The gift of story telling

The art of storytelling is as old as the human race but today we are in the fortunate position to be able to use technology to easily record our own stories for future generations without the fear of them being damaged by the test of time. This blog discusses a very personal perspective and how you can have these valuable memories recorded for future generations.

Preparing to care

Being the primary carer for a loved one can be extremely rewarding and testimony to the love and connection you have with that person during their life. It can also be tiring, overwhelming and never ending, all of which can lead to Carer burnout. This blog aims to assist you and your loved ones to identify the gaps in those skills and provide guidance on how to Prepare To Care.

Move it or lose it!

Maintaining and/or improving mobility is fundamental to ageing well. From incidental exercise to seeking professional help for a balance impairment, there are plenty of ways you can help yourself or a loved one to maintain mobility.

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