Supportive care for people who need it


CJ&R Enterprises Consulting is a specialist consulting group with a strong focus on community and aged care services. We tailor solutions to meet the needs
 and goals of large and smaller organisations.

Since our establishment, CJ&R Enterprises has developed an enviable reputation for delivering practical and considered advice that enables organisations to tackle difficult issues and plan effectively for the future. The experience of our Directors across a wide range of projects enables us to understand the client perspective and the often-complex environment in which they operate. A feature of our work is our ability to roll up our sleeves and implement the solutions.

Our Philosophy is to provide value for the client by:

  • Reaching clear agreements at the beginning of each assignment about the nature and scope of the project;
  • Communicating throughout each project in relation to progress and issues;
  • Working with (rather than for) clients, to develop solutions that are practical, and implementable by adopting an iterative approach that involves
    stakeholders rather than presenting theoretical ‘consultant recommendations;
  • Acting with integrity;
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ proprietary information;
  • Developing tailored and innovative approaches to each project;
  • Presenting independent views that are informed by out broad experience and the development of comprehensive processes for each project;
  • Providing reports that serve as a reference point for the future.

As a team, we are highly qualified, with a combined 100 years of industry experience across various roles of health and aged care services.

Snapshot of the Directors

Carole Bain

Carole has held senior management positions in community, most recently at a large aged care provider.
This experience included key accountabilities across service planning, asset investment, clinical risk
management, policy review and program development.

Ro Hogan
Ro has a diverse background in the delivery of health services in Victoria and WA, working in private
and public, rural and metropolitan health services. An experienced nurse her work has provided
a solid grounding in quality and care management in private and public health sectors.

Julie Arnould
With a unique combination of technical, analytical and clinical understanding, Julie has worked on operational
and financial reviews, service planning and quality initiatives. Experienced in managing change projects and implementing change.