Supportive care for people who need it


During the Covid Pandemic and during a local outbreak you may need to consider alternative arrangements if your services or routine is distrupted. You may need to develop and implement a Covid Emergency Plan. Depending on the situation, Perth Care + Companion Company (PCCC) may not be able to deliver your services, therefore we have some suggested alternative arrangements, you may wish to consider and plan for, if your services or normal routine is disrupted to ensure your health is looked after during he pandemic. PCCC would let you know in advance are unable to provide services, as usual.

Normal Service or RoutinePandemic Service Options:
Showering/Personal care 

Support from family or friends


Medication prompting 

PCCC will call/telephone me when it’s time to take my medication



Online shopping by PCCC or family and delivered (contactless)



My pharmacist will deliver my medications


Pet Care 

Arrange for family/friends to have pets or PCCC can arrange and transfer to kennels, if hospitalized



PCCC can pick laundry from your door and have laundered and returned



Meals on Wheels will deliver services or PCCC will pre prepare and deliver



PCCC can arrange regular telephone or video catch ups and socialisation.



The WA Department of Health have information on Health Care Options during the pandemic for further information: