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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about our service. However, if your question is not answered below, please call us on (08) 9276 1520 or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.
Do I need to be a senior to use Perth Care + Companion Company’s services?
No, Perth Care + Companion Company are here to assist you, regardless of your age.
When can I contact you?
We can be contacted between 7am and 7pm everyday. At Perth Care + Companion Company we know that people are busy and when you work 9-5 it is difficult to arrange support for yourself or your loved one, that’s why we will always be available to take your calls between 7am and 7pm.
How do I find out more about Perth Care + Companion Company services?
To find out more, fill in the form here or call our friendly team on 08 9276 1520 and they will guide you through the process.
Do I need to be assessed by my Doctor before I can receive your services?
No, there is no formal assessment needed to access any of our services. One of our team will have a chat with you, or your family, about what you might need to support you.
How do I pay for the services?
You can pay by credit card, direct bank deposit or cheque. If you are supported by the Public Trustee, we are happy to deal directly with your trust manager.
I have a Home Care Package, can Perth Care + Companion Company provide me with services?
Yes, we are happy to work with your approved provider to support you with the services you need through your Home Care Package.

Our team are very familiar with Home Care Packages and offer a Home Care Package Health Check to assist you to get the best deal and choose a provider who best meets your needs.

I have NDIS funding, can you provide care to me?
Yes, we are happy to work with your approved provider to support you with the services you need through NDIS plan.
If you are on a self managed plan, we are happy to discuss our staff providing your support.
I live in residential care, can I still use your services?
Perth Care + Companion Company provide companion services to individuals living in residential care. Our aim is to support you connect with the community and do the things that bring you joy.
I only need a one off service, can I do this?
At Perth Care + Companion Company we are happy to support you with a one off service or provide you with ongoing services. It’s up to you – we think you will like us and want more!
Do your staff have Police Clearances?
Your safety and security is very important to Perth Care + Companion Company. All our employees are required to provide a criminal history check to be employed by us.
Will I have the same staff all the time?
Yes! At Perth Care + Companion Company we recognize that building positive and trusting relationships with the staff who support you is essential. We work hard to ensure that you and your staff are a good fit for each other then we let you and your staff build a long lasting relationship.
What if I have feedback about your services?
We welcome all feedback and are confident that you will love our services. If you have any feedback about our services, good or not so good, please let us know by calling us on 08 9276 1520 or email us at or write to us at Perth Care + Companion Company, PO Box 3107, East Perth, WA 6892
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