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On Sunday 1 September it will be Father’s Day and many Australians will be celebrating or acknowledging in some way Fathers, Dad’s, Grandpa’s and Pop’s. The modern format of Father’s Day has been around since the early 1900’s, however, celebrations for fatherhood have been around in the catholic parts of Europe since the 1500’s and now almost all countries around the world celebrate fathers.

In Australia there is approximately 4.6 million fathers in Australia and according to Hallmark Cards 50% of you can expect to get a card. After talking to my friend’s, a lot of Dads are going to get pens, chocolates and coffee cups this year as these were popular items at the school Father’s Day stalls, ties and handkerchiefs didn’t sell quite so well.

However recent research commissioned by Red Balloon an online gift store found that for 43% of 1018 Australian fathers that were surveyed the most important gift Dad can receive comes for free – Australian fathers just want to hear “I love you”.

So, whether you celebrate with gifts, a meal, a card or simply taking time to make that long-distance call, that special bloke in your life will feel appreciated by knowing you made time to tell him that he is loved. And if you are struggling to create some space in your life for special family times help is at hand by calling Perth Care + Companion Company.