Supportive care for people who need it

Starting the discussion with your ageing parent about their need for assistance can be really tough, after all they will always be the parent!   However, as you have probably found out convincing your parent that the time is now right to start with some home care or move providers is challenging.

But we know a bit of assistance at the right time can make all the difference for everyone.

When we meet you to discuss with you the type of home care you think is needed we will want to ask you about the likes and dislikes not only of your parent but also you. We cover topics like health, allergies, medications, hobbies and interests and anything else we need to know for day to day home care assistance.

We will then make suggestions about the optimal assistance taking into account the personal preferences, the availability of family support and the finances. When everyone is happy to start and the paperwork is done the services will commence.

Our positive professional staff pay attention to the cues your parent give off. All staff have been selected for their calm, empathic, organized manner and they will help you and your parent get off on the right foot with assistance in the home.

Along the way we will regularly check in and make sure that the selected services are still meeting the needs.