Supportive care for people who need it

The weather is absolutely beautiful in Perth at present, so there is no better time than now to work on your mobility. It doesn’t matter if you are taking care of a loved one or looking to keep your own independence as you get older, maintaining your mobility is important.

There are two major reasons why mobility is so important to protect as we get older:

  1. So that you can do your own ‘activities of daily living’ (shower safely, shopping etc.)
  2. So that you can be connected and be able to interact socially

When you think about it, even the act of going to see the doctor requires reasonable mobility and provides social activity. Being mobile allows us to have flexibility to interact with our community – from family and friends, to our doctor or the staff at the supermarket.

How to stay mobile

  1. Walking is a winner

For most older people, walking has always been a part of their life. Walking is a social activity, and an opportunity to connect to family and loved ones. It doesn’t require equipment and it’s low risk, so it’s the perfect way to get around. Don’t forget to wear sturdy comfortable shoes, wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

  1. Maintaining the sit-to-stand

The sit-to-stand motion allows a person to get up from a chair, get out of a car and get off the toilet. Once you lose the ability to stand from a seated position, your mobility is significantly decreased. There are some great video’s on the internet just search for ‘exercises to improve sit to stand’ or visit a physiotherapist.

  1. Incorporate incidental exercise wherever possible

Incidental exercise is a great way to build and maintain fitness. This could be as simple as parking a little further away from the supermarket and walking a little further to get there.

  1. Seeking help for balance impairment

Balance impairment is something you or your loved one may experience when getting older, and it can be tricky to improve on your own. Balance needs to be challenged to be improved – so a trained professional such as a physiotherapist is your best bet to safely achieve better balance.

Maintaining and/or improving mobility is fundamental to ageing well. From incidental exercise to seeking professional help for a balance impairment, there are plenty of ways you can help yourself or a loved one to maintain mobility. At Perth Care + Companion Company we can support you with your mobility goals and regularly assist people with getting out and about. If you would like to get moving give us a call on 08 9276 1520 or contact us at