Supportive care for people who need it

Self-managing your home care package is possible and doing so can provide better value so more services to the person that needs them. BUT for some self-management of their home care package just seems too darn hard. In an already complex system, the thought of having to track, navigate, find staff and order equipment is overwhelming and most people choose not to self- manage and missing out on optimizing their home care package funding.

But what if there was a way to have more control over your home care package with the security of having knowledgeable support to assist you to set up self-management and to assist you with the harder parts ongoing?

 Well there is an option so read on!

 So what DOES self-management of a Home Care Package actually mean?

As it sounds, self-managing your home care package gives you much more say on who you can have to provide your services and where you can purchase goods from. There are however some restrictions put in place by the government to protect you, and as such you will always need an approved provider to administer your package for you.

The government has certain requirements of the approved provider to ensure that the services that you receive are suitable, safe and appropriate to meet your care needs. This means that all suppliers need to be vetted, you can’t pay your grandson for cutting the lawn or your daughter for doing your housework! All suppliers of services need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN), hold adequate insurances and a criminal history check that meets the Aged Care Act.

However, Self-managing your package does mean you can choose some of the suppliers and can offer some negotiation of the best price for a service. Altogether this can provide better value for money and make your package go further.

The Pro’s

You will have more control of your services and who provides them, you will get additional hours in comparison to most standard approved provider offerings. And you will develop a better understanding of how the aged care system works.

The Con’s

If you choose to fully self-manage, you need to do all the work, including finding, engaging and organizing staff and equipment. If you do not have multiple staff working to support you, you may find yourself without support if your support person is sick, on leave or leaves your employment. Some people find sourcing equipment and services takes up a lot of time and if you don’t know where to look, it might be an exhausting process.

Where do I start?

The first step is deciding on how much of your services do you want to self-manage?

Do you want to totally self manage which includes employ your own staff, create your own care plan and source and order all your own equipment/supplies?


Would you like to partially self-manage which may mean you choose an organisation to support you with certain elements of your package?

Find the right provider for you

 You will need to find an approved provider who allows you the level of self-management that you wish. While some providers promote self-management, be aware they can continue to put restrictions on the services you can access and charge you a care management fee, albeit reduced.

How can I find out if self-management is the right option for me?

 Perth Care + Companion Company can support you to find the right solution for you, whether it is full self-management or partial self-management. Alternatively, you may already know that self-management is not the right fit for you. Whatever the situation we can help you, we work in partnership with a number of providers to support you to get the right fit and can offer assistance with care management and services regularly or on an ad-hoc while making the most of your home care package funds.

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