Supportive care for people who need it


Home and Garden Help

Do you enjoy working in your garden but need a bit of a hand? Our Care Companions can help you keep the garden lovely and assist you getting your hands dirty again.

If you have larger gardening and home maintenance jobs to do, we can source the right person to tackle those bigger jobs for you.


Personal Concierge

Sometimes it is finding time to do the little things that is the most frustrating. Let our Care Companions help. If you need your dry cleaning dropped off, letters posted, bills paid, or online shopping ordered,our concierge service will do it all for you, securely. Using out concierge service allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones

Family Support and Care Coaching

Taking on the caring role for a loved one to help them stay at home can be wonderfully rewarding, but also demanding and sometimes daunting. At PCCC we can help you to understand what your loved one needs to live comfortably with declining health. We provide hands-on help for dealing with simple issues, like skin care and incontinence, all the way to understanding Dementia and identifying strategies to help your loved one live the best life possible.Be prepared to care and maintain you and your loved ones wellbeing.

Meal Preparation and Cooking

Sometimes, we lose the enthusiasm or ability to cook for ourselves. This is especially true if you have recently lost your partner, and cooking for one is just too much effort. Our meal preparation and cooking service can help individuals prepare their meals, or cook meals for them. Meal times are more than just nutrition they are social and nurturing opportunities, your Care Companion can dine with you to make your dining experience better.

Companionship with Personal Care

Feeling good about your personal grooming is very important to physical and mental wellbeing. Allowing someone to assist you to shower or wash, however, can be extremely uncomfortable for most people. Our Care Companions are trained to provide dignified support, and identify your unique needs. Whether you need someone just to be at home when you shower for peace of mind,or you require full assistance, we can assist you discreetly.


Pet Care

At PCCC, we understand the import role pets play within a family. Not being able to care for your pets the way you need to can be very difficult. Whether it’s walking the dog, emptying the cat litter tray, feeding the fish, or taking the pet to the vet, our Care Companions are here to help. If you no longer have a pet of your own and really miss this, our Companions can bring their pets to visit you too.


Medication Management

As we get older we often need medications. But worryingly, it’s easy to get these medications muddled, or forget to take them at all. If you’re concerned about your medications, or your loved one’s ability to manage them, we can help. We have a number of ways to support individuals with medication management. Including some cool electronic devices to maintain your independence.

Shopping and Outings

Getting out and about can be a challenge for some seniors, and retiring from driving is one thing that most people dread. The practicalities of getting your shopping, or just getting out and about, often becomes a major challenge. At PCCC, we are here to help you or your loved one continue to manage errands about town. Getting these tasks out of the way, so that families can spend quality time with each other rather than running around a supermarket is highly regarded by our clients.


All our Care Companions are hand picked to support you or your loved one in doing the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s having someone to play poker with, revisit the site of beloved memories, or take you to Optus stadium to see your favourite football team, we are here to keep you company.We can also ensure that you don’t miss out on family celebrations. They are able to assist with mobility or personal care services while out and about including attending medical and dental appointments. Companion services are available to individuals living either at home, or in residential care.



As we age, it’s often challenging to continue to manage all our household chores. Family members helping out is fabulous, but sadly these tasks often replace the quality time that you once spent together. Let us help you get that time back. Whether it’s a few hours once a week, or someone to live-in with you, our Care Companion are trained to ascertain what needs doing, and to support you with your housekeeping.

Dementia Care

Caring for someone with Dementia can be daunting, and often times confusing for the carer. Some days, your loved one living with Dementia can seem just like their old self. On other days, they may seem more confused, agitated or upset PCCC is here to support you. Our highly skilled Care Companions can assist you in providing hands on care, or offer practical advice and resources to make caring for your loved one easier.

Helping You Choose Technology That Could Assist Your Home Care

Did you know that there are many technology solutions to help you or your loved one to remain at home longer? At PCCC, we make it our business to know the latest and best gadgets to make your life easier. From fully automated lights, locks, and alarms, to GPS tracking devices – we know there’s an app for that! Give PCCC the problem, and we’ll help you find the solution that’s right for you.

24/7 Live-in Care

PCCC can organise a live-in carer for your loved one providing comprehensive services to enable people to stay in the comfort and security of their own home. Discuss with us today so we can match the right person that will take utmost care, be discreet and allow your loved one to have to dignity they so deserve.

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