Supportive care for people who need it

There are many reasons why individuals may not get enough assistance through government funding, or may be ineligible for this type of support. With the current wait-list to access an appropriate level of funding from a Home Care Package being over 3 years, individuals simply cannot wait that long for help.

Getting support early is paramount in assisting individuals with declining health, or fitness, to maintain their level of function around their home, and prevent premature placement in residential care, or unnecessary visits to hospital. Waiting for a long time until you or your love one is eligible may be detrimental to their ability to remain at home long term.

Accessing private services to supplement care and support given by family members, or low care government funded programs, can make all the difference and can prevent further decline.

If you are unsure whether you may be eligible for government funded programs, or you just don’t know where to turn, talking to a company experienced in home care services for free advice is a good place to start.

Call Perth Care + Companion Company on 08 9276 1520 as they are willing to answer any questions.